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Liar Liar Cruz on Fire is a book based on 18 months of painstaking research in Cuba, the US, and Canada, that included interviews with veteran fighters of the Cuban Revolution, and review of Revolution records which I was granted access to in Cuba.

This research proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the claims by Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of US Senator Ted Cruz of being a fighter in the Cuban Revolution at age 14, being arrested and tortured at age 18, andescaping the country via a 4 year student visa issued by the US Government are all outrageous lies. The book disproves a total of 76 lies told repeatedly about the family ‘history’ by both Rafael and Ted Cruz. The book is accompanied by You Tube video clips of the two Cruz men speaking every one of the 76 lies, in multiple venues.

But that is not why the book is historic. The book is historic because it is the first book every printed in the US that has a price bar code with prices for US, Canada, and Cuba. The price in Cuban currency – 1 CUC is approximately $1.03 US.




Liar Liar Cruz on Fire – On Amazon

Learn the truth about the latest fraudulent Cuban-American politician. The fabricated story of his father Rafael’s alleged heroics in the Cuban Revolution and fabricated torture story. Learn the truth about Rafael’s emigration to the US as an unlawful illegal alien working for substandard wages and stealing a job from an American.

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Mauricio Claver Carone’s Barrel Just Got Deeper

What does vermin do when they’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel? Get a deeper barrel! Just when I thought the lying, lisping, cretin Mauricio Claver Carone, lapdog of the $600,000 radio rip-off man Frank Calzon and ‘La Cochino’ Ileana Ros Lehtinen couldn’t possibly make more amoral pronouncements he has. In today’s version of his electronic fish-wrapper “Capitol Hill Cubans” he makes one of the most outrageous claims ever by anyone in political discourse. He likens the Cuban and Jewish Diaspora as equal. Of course he incorrectly spells it ‘diapora’ in his headline.


This is how this low rent bottom feeder starts his words of wisdom:

The Cuban and Jewish diaspora share much in common.
Not least of which is the wonderful ethnic and religious hybrid, endearingly referred to as Jewbans.
But most importantly, our diasporas share an unwavering devotion to freedom, democracy and to the moral resolve of — “Never Again.”
This commitment stems from the atrocities and exiles that our people have — unfortunately — had to endure.

‘The atrocities and exiles that our people have – unfortunately – had to endure.”

Claver-Carone equates boarding a rickety craft to float across the Straits of Florida to boarding a train in  Warsaw to be shipped to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Claver Carone equates being given housing that was abandoned by the Batistani Cubans who left their property to relocate to the US to being crammed into freezing and stifling barracks with several hundred others.

Claver Carone equates having running water and flush toilets to having to draw water from large tubs and sit on a wooden rail to go to the bathroom in a dirt pit.

Claver Carone equates being able to wash your laundry in a scrub sink to wearing the same cloth sack for weeks on end.

Claver Carone  equates standing in line with a ration card to obtain food in Cuba to standing in line waiting to enter a gas chamber at Treblinka

How ironic that alongside Claver Carone’s insult to the Jewish people is a picture of the woman who controls him as her lap dog – Congresswoman Ileana Ros Lehtinen. I am sure Claver Carone exalts her as the ultimate ‘Jewban’ Princess. But let’s examine why this woman is the most hated person in Cuba and known as La Cochino:

– She protected terrorist Orlando Bosch from extradition to face trial for blowing up Cubana flt 455 and killing 78 people. While his petition was pending she held an Orlando Bosch appreciation day and among the decorations was a kiddie pool with a broken model airplane and 78 small dolls floating in it.

– she has spent years also protecting another terrorist Luis Posada from being extradited for prosecution. When he was convicted of trying to bomb an auditorium at the University of Panama and jailed, she tried to leverage the power of the US Congress to get Panama to release him

– she led the effort to steal Elian Gonzalez from his father

– For decades she exalted Rafael Diaz Balart, former Batista Interior Minister who is allegedly responsible for the murder of several thousand political prisoners and for the alleged rape of 74 school girls and who looted the country when he fled like a coward in December 1958.


Jew-ban? Ileana Ros Lehtinen sounds closer to Nazi-ban.

Jeff Jacoby – Boston Globe’s Terrorist

I first became a Globe reader in the Summer of ’67, the Red Sox Impossible Dream Season. The Providence Journal just didn’t quite come close to the great stories and pictures in the Globe, pictures we’d cut out and tape on our bedroom walls.  Through college and my early career the Globe was my newspaper of record.  Four years in Atlanta and two in Tampa made me welcome trips home to be able to read the Globe. Twenty years in Dallas – thank God the internet came along. I have always had polite discourse with Columnists and reporters. I wrote,  “Hey Bob Ryan, with the Seahawks and Patriots they should call it the I-90 Superbowl!” I got a chuckle back.

More recently I had an exchange with Jon Chesto regarding private financing of roads as I cited the practice here in Texas, relative to his story about the Cape Cod traffic. I think I made him choke when I mentioned the DFW Airport ‘Funnel’ Project – a $3.2 Billion deal that was finished nine months ahead of schedule – we could both hear Tip O’Neill rolling in his grave.

And then there is Jeff Jacoby, a columnist who has never acknowledged an email nor an offer to correct his misinformation, nor an offer of a complimentary copy of ‘Cuba 54; It’s time to end the abuse of 11 Million Cubans by the Miami Cartel. Full disclosure I am the author of that book. A bit of my pedigree: I have conducted 12 mission trips to Cuba; I have visited 96 Catholic parishes; I served Pope Benedict’s visit in 2012.

I am the only American to have ever attended Mass with the Ladies in White, nine times. I am the only American to go into the locker room, sit on the bench, and travel on the team bus with Los Industriales. Most important to my future, when I was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s in 2012 at age 55 I was the first American ever treated at CIREN, English trans: International Center for Neurological Restoration. There are many more firsts and onlys but I’ll stop here. (Oh, one Globe first in Cuba: After I helped clue him in on Cuba because he was traveling there with a Globe editor and Representative Jim MCGovern, Bryan Bender got to be the first journalist to hand deliver some Ben Gay and other ointments to a young friend pitcher for ‘Los’.

Jeff Jacoby seems to be the Globe’s resident pundit on all things Cuba. Given the Globe’s reach and reputation that would be a good thing if he actually investigated his ‘facts’ and presented truthful information rather than just copy and paste blogs written by hardliners in Miami and Washington.

Every time Mr. Jacoby’s column has the word ‘Cuba’ in the headline I can predict the ‘usual suspects’ whose words he will regurgitate: El Nuevo Herald (Miami Herald offspring); blogger Yoani Sanchez and a few others sporadically; and the most amoral man in the entire US-Cuba dialogue, the lying, lisping, Mauricio Claver Carone. Claver Carone publishes a daily blog called Capitol Hill Cubans. It’s amazing that by Noon every Monday, this man can put out an email to his minions like Jacoby with a headcount of how many people were arrested across the country on Sunday! It took the Waco (TX) police three days to report how many were arrested in the biker shooting.

His weekly arrest count has increased every week since the December announcement of normalization of relations. I’ve met Raul Castro, the man is not that stupid. Last week I read MCC’s blog email and a while after I clicked open my headlines from the Globe. Sure enough there were the same ‘facts and figures’ in Jacoby’s column.

Last July I was in the country and went to Mass with the Ladies three times. I always carry a backpack with an American flag on it. Never have the Ladies been harassed when I have been in their presence. When I returned home and was getting laughs reading Capitol Hill Cubans from Claver Carone, I was shocked to read that on the very day I was at Mass with the Ladies, marched with them afterwards, and took their leader Berta Soler to lunch 80 of them had been arrested! No one told me that!

True to form MCC’s blog had a photo from the ‘scene of the crime’ – a lone woman walking on the street, no police, no Woman’s Union members, not even a stray dog.  Look at the link in Jacoby’s recent column; sure there is a man with a bandage on his nose, but the photos of the ladies are of their procession after Mass, not being arrested. Better still, Jacoby cites and links to an article by ‘Cuban Blogger Extraordinaire’ Yoani Sanchez that refers to places in Havana by names other than their own! Ghostwritten no doubt, and inaccurate to boot.

You may wonder when I am going to get to the point of Jacoby being a terrorist. Well let me begin. In my book Cuba 54, I detailed the history of mass murder, and an interview with a woman who was raped in 1956 by a now Miami luminary and former Batista official

Researching US Senate testimony I made a case that Rafael Diaz Balart had looted millions on his way out of the country. I wrote about the bombing of Cubana 455 by Luis Posada and Orlando Bosch, a crime for which they have been protected by the Ros Lehtinen, Diaz Balart, Rubio, Bush ‘cartel’ in Miami. Bosch is dead, Posada boasted to the NY Times of the bombing, and he’s bullet proof from extradition because as one Bush Administration official said, they were afraid he might be tortured. I’ve met family of CU455 victims who would be happy with a firing squad.

Wrapping up my book I happened upon a quote from President George W. Bush: “If you give aid and comfort to a terrorist, then you are a terrorist.” So in my book I called out Ros Lehtinen, the two Diaz Balarts, and their entire cartel as terrorists. And providing aid and comfort to these terrorists by lazy, lackey journalists makes that journalist, Jeff Jacoby a terrorist.

There is a $15 million cottage industry in Miami called the Cuba Freedom movement. These parasites get millions in US government grants, have obscene salaries and send crumbs to Cuba. My favorite is Directorio Democratico Cubano: their 2013 IRS 990 shows $705,573 in government grants. Their payroll is $338,162, rent $77,827, travel, $50,687.  How much did this benevolent organization send to Cuba in humanitarian aid? $3189. I’ve had a Cuban activist say to me, “I had to go to Miami and lie for Ileana so I could continue to receive my 50 CUC every month.

In closing let me share what I believe is the true reason the hardliners want the Blockade (embargo) in place. Two reasons: 1. It’s not to punish the Castro’s, it’s to punch the 11 Million Cubans who never rose up against the Castros; 2. They have created a fantasy world: their fathers were brutal criminals in Cuba; Fidel destroyed the newspapers (including all the back issues so their criminal records went up in smoke) and Ileana Ros Lehtinen’s father wrote 19 Cuban history books that rewrote history.

My catchphrase the past few years has been, In Iraq we heard about boots on the ground; in Cuba we need ‘sneakers on the streets’ – young people to engage the Cubans and teach them about ‘rights’. But the cartel doesn’t want those sneakered feet interacting with ordinary Cubans who can talk to them about the history of these families, mass killings, rapes of school girls, blown up commercial airliners, bombed hotels, and other horrific facts from Cuba’s history that were driven by these characters’ families. And perhaps help put an end to that organized crime syndicate known as the Cuban Freedom Movement, as they would be the ones inspiring the Cuban people with their words and friendship, not with a pithy $3189 remittance.

Paul LeBon plcuba54@gmail.com

Coming July 15 – Liar Liar Cruz on Fire – Exposing 76 lies that constitute the personal life story of Rafael Cruz, and are being perpetuated by his son Senator Ted Cruz. ‘The biggest Cuban-American con artist since Rosie Ruiz.

Ted Cruz rewrites history of a Cuban Hero

In his recently released book, comically named A Time for Truth Ted Cruz stays true to form in twisting the truth , especially with respect to his father Rafael’s make believe heroics in the Cuban Revolution.Though the elder Cruz has never mentioned it in any You Tube video Ted Cruz claims that his father left his home and the revolutionary cell he had organized in Matanzas and traveled 830 kilometers to Santiago at the Eastern end of the country.

Ted claims his father enrolled at the University of Santiago in September, 1956. This was fortuitous because at that point Castro hadn’t yet decided in he was going to land at Pinar del Rio, Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs), or Santiago, Ted Cruz further states that his father reported to Frank Pais and then was part of the support team for Castro when he arrived from Mexico on December 2.

My contacts in Cuba including an octogenarian who fought with Castro and his rebels say this scenario is highly unlikely. “Why would he have enrolled at University of Santiago? If the story were accurate it would have made more sense to enroll at the University of Oriente which was Pais’ school and base of operations.” My Cuban friend Ernesto says it is highly unlikely that Pais and his team would have taken in a boy who just arrived from 830 kilometers away.  he could have been a spy sent by Interior Minister Rafael Diaz Balart.

But Ted Cruz goes over the top when he claims that many of the student members of 26th of July Movement who were there to support Castro’s return were killed, including their leader Frank Pais.

Fank Pais did not die in battle on December 2, 1956. He escaped and was eventually arrested and tried for the Santiago incident but was acquitted and released. He went into hiding but he was the target of Interior Minister  Rafael Diaz Balart. Diaz Balart’s police searched high and low but could not locate him.

On June 30, 1957 Frank’s younger brother Josue Pais was murdered by the Santiago police. They had hoped to flush Frank out to attend his funeral but Frank did not bite. A systematic search of the city was implemented and on July 30 the police found Frank hiding out with a friend. He was dragged into the street, tortured by police then the chief of police shot him i the head and killed him. The next day 60,000 people attended his funeral, forcing the city to be shut down. This was eight months after Ted Cruz claims he was killed in his book, A Time for Truth.

Today Frank Pais is a hero in Cuba. Many schools and public facilities and hospitals bear his name. The international airport in Holguin, Cuba is named after him. School children learn of his heroics. And what happened to the cowardly pathological liar Rafael Cruz during the incident in Santiago? Was he one the many courageous students and young revolutionaries who were killed? No; he was probably cowering behind a building somewhere, if the lying con man were even in the city.

Ted claims that Rafael and his friends were leaving the city by car and were stopped and taken prisoner by the military. The soldiers were driving them to the Moncada  Barracks, shouting ‘firing squad, firing squad.’ But miraculously, God had other plans for Rafael Cruz, eventually fathering ‘the chosen one’ after abandoning a wife and two daughters, so he was released and set free by the hand of God. God would allegedly intervene again six months later when Rafael claims he was tortured and threatened with death back in his hometown 830 kilometers away.

As for the firing squads my friend in Cuba tells me that was not the case. Diaz Balart’s personal assassins the Masferrer Brothers, the police, and soldiers simply lined captives up and walked down the line shooting them in the head. (Similar to the current ISIS beheading method) This was efficient; firing squads took too long.

(To track all of Rafael Cruz’s lies about his life, purchase Liar Liar Cruz on Fire available Amazon.com July 15)

Photos: Frank Pais, his funeral attended by 60,000 people

Paisprofile  paisfuneral

Ted Cruz sets new low by plagiarizing Scent of a Woman in his book

Senator Ted Cruz, 1/2 of the duo of Rafael y Rafael the legendary liars of  Cuban-Canadian-American heritage has outdone himself in the lie department in his new book ironically titled A Time for Truth.  On page 46 he starts to tell a riveting story about a vandalism incident, an interrogation by the school headmaster, his refusal to rat out his three amigos, and the support of the pillar of honesty, his father Rafael. Did Rafael say, ‘where’s the booze, its flowing like mud around here.’ Did he repeatedly say ‘HoAh!’ Did he say to the headmaster about Rafael II, ‘but he’s not a snitch!’

No Rafael did not, but Al Pacino did in the movie Scent of a Woman which Cruz plagiarized. What a tool.

Cuban-American Proxy Terrorist leads Congressional Effort to Limit Travel to Cuba

The scion of one of the most despised families who were the dregs of the Batista Dictatorship, Congressman Mario Diaz Balart is leading an effort in Congress to undermine efforts by President Obama’s to expand travel to Cuba. Like any devious character he operated at night sneaking language into a transportation funding bill prohibiting any funds from being used to support air or cruise ship travel to Cuba,

Diaz Balart’s father Rafael was Interior Minister under the Dictator Batista, one of the most brutal positions in the Regime. He is alleged to be responsible for ordering the murder of 10,000 Batista opponents.He also stands accused of having raped 74 school girls who his goons had scooped up off the streets of Havana to be put to work as prostitutes in American-owned brothels. The father is also suspected of flying to Paris when he fled Cuba with his family, and traveling by train to Switzerland where he emptied a secret Swiss bank account of Cuban funds.

His brother, former Congressman Lincoln Diaz Balart (referred to in the Miami media as the smarter of the two, though that’s not saying much) was ‘anointed’ by his father to be Cuba’s next president after the departure of the Castros. He maintains a website larosablanca.org which is his manifesto of  what kind of ‘government’ he and his thugs would implement.

The Diaz Balarts along with their soul mate Rep. Ileana Ros Lehtinen have long fought to protect terrorists Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carilles, terrorists who have murdered scores of innocent Cubans. In 2003 President George W. Bush stated that ‘if you give aid and comfort to terrorists, you are a terrorist.’ Hence US Representative Ileana Ros Lehtinen, Mario Diaz Balart, and former Representative Lincoln Diaz Balart are all proxy terrorists.

That individuals with the blood of scores of murder victims on their hands can drive US’ Cuba Policy is an abomination.