Who Does Ileana Ros Hate More than Fidel?

Who does Ileana Ros Lehtinen Hate more than Fidel? Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Interesting question –we are talking about a vile woman for whom making enemies is a parlor game.  Could it be Senator Patrick Lahey or Representative Jim MCGovern? Strong anti-embargo legislators. The Cuban Five? Here are certainly five qualified candidates, but they haven’t been around all that long. How about Alan Gross? Ileana Ros has used him as a talking point for four years and probably wishes secretly that he is not returned so Ileana Ros can keep ranting about ‘the Castros taking him hostage.’ Should serious discussions commence between the US and Cuba over the exchange of Gross for the ‘Cuban Three’ Ileana Ros will begin to spit bile every time she mentions his name.

No, the persons (plural) that I believe Ileana Ros hates more than Fidel Castro are the 11 million residents of Cuba. And I believe Congresswoman Ileana Ros Lehtinen’s words and actions bear this out, in spite of her bogus claim of being a ‘freedom fighter’ on behalf of the people of Cuba. Her intentions seem to be to punish the 11 million Cuban people for failing to rise up and overthrow the Castros so her soulmate Lincoln Diaz Balart or his forebears could cruise on into Cuba and become self-appointed president. Ileana Ros also is hell bent on limiting contact between the 11 million people of Cuba and everyday Americans. Exposed to Cuban citizens, Americans would learn about the many crimes allegedly committed by former Batista cronies such as interior minister Rafael Diaz Balart. Allow me to present the following evidence for consideration.

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros Lehtinen’s Hatred for the 11 Million citizens of Cuba, From A to Z

a. Shortly after taking her seat in Congress in 1990 Ileana Ros Lehtinen misused her position to gain clemency for Orlando Bosch, one of the most dangerous terrorists in the Western Hemisphere.  He and his partners were responsible for blowing Cubana Flt 455 out of the sky, killing 73 civilian passengers and 5 crew members, including the Cuban National Fencing Team. While the clemency was in process Ileana Ros held an ‘Orlando Bosch Day’ to honor him in Miami. One of the ‘attractions’ reportedly was a kiddie pool with a broken model airplane and 78 floating dolls.  Ileana Ros won Bosch’s clemency and he was never held accountable in Cuba for 78 murders. Bosch lived out his days in Miami under Ileana Ros’ blanket of protection, and is now burning in Hell with other Cuban-American terrorists. In 2003, President George W. Bush said ‘If you give assistance to a terrorist, you are a terrorist.’

b. In 1997, Bosch’s partner in the Flt 455 bombing, terrorist Luis Posada Carilles snuck into Cuba and planted bombs at various tourist sites, killing one tourist.  When FBI and ATF agents headed to Cuba to assist in the investigation, Ileana Ros did all she could short of having some of her goons attack the agents to thwart that investigation and keep the agents home. President Bush said, ‘If you give assistance to a terrorist, you are a terrorist.’

c.  In 2005 Posada was caught sneaking into the US and was arrested and tried. He was due to be deported and it looked like he might finally stand trial in Cuba for the 78 + 1 murders. Ileana Ros misused her position in Congress to gain clemency for Luis Posada and he never stood trial for the 79 murders he boasted about to the NY Times. He is living out his days in Miami under Ileana Ros’ blanket of protection. Many Cubans I meet ask me, ‘Your country tracked down the bomber of Pan Am 103. Why do they protect the man who killed our young people?’ President Bush said, ‘If you give assistance to a terrorist, you are a terrorist.’

d.  In 2012, Ileana Ros sought to block group travel licenses for Cuban Americans wanting to travel to Havana for the visit by Pope Benedict but was unsuccessful. A Coral Gables-based travel company sent a charter of 305 passengers including the archbishop of Miami to Havana. The agency owner received threats by telephone, internet, and even talk radio. Approximately one month after the group returned and on the anniversary of the death of the godfather or South Florida terrorism Orland Bosch, the travel agency was firebombed during the night. Normally a magnet for showboating politicians, Ileana Ros never came by to offer her condolences.  The FBI and ATF showed up the morning of the bombing, but never returned with any forensic results. President Bush said, ‘If you give assistance to a terrorist, you are a terrorist.’

e.  One of the most revered men in Cuba is Jaime Cardinal Ortega. Ileana Ros has referred to this man of God imprisoned by Castro in the 60’s as ‘Castro’s lackey.’ This in spite of Cardinal Ortega having negotiated the release of over 3,000 prisoners while Ileana Ros has never gotten one prisoner released.

f.  Ileana Ros supports ineffective and ridiculous illegal programs to disrupt life in Cuba, said programs funded by USAid, one such program resulted in the arrest, conviction, and imprisonment of American Alan Gross.

g.  Ileana Ros and her cronies loot $45 million a year in taxpayer dollars. Various NGOs that Ileana Ros is associated with get government grants to fund bloated payrolls, lavish travel, extravagant offices, and send less that 5% of the money to the people of Cuba.

h.  While   there is a small cadre of activists in Cuba, Ileana Ros and her cronies use some of the aforementioned funds to keep many alleged activists ‘on the payroll’ so they can parrot Ileana Ros’ talking points about keeping the embargo in place.

i.  $25 million of the above slush fund pays for the biggest government boondoggle, Radio/TV Marti, Ileana Ros’ pet project that her rabid father and his friends would use to get on the air and scream about Castro. It plays to the wacko hardcore pro-Embargo crowd in Miami. But in visits to 52 Catholic parishes across Cuba, I have asked for a show of hands of who has heard Radio Marti. Never has one hand gone up. But Ileana Ros keeps her cronies employed in fat cushy jobs.

j.  Ileana Ros called publicly on global television for someone to assassinate Fidel Castro, the man revered by the people of Cuba as a grandfather figure which may explain why Ileana Ros hates the 11 million people of Cuba so much. This only intensified their hatred for Ileana Ros. Men in Cuba fantasize openly about greeting Ileana Ros with a machete if she ever stepped off a plane in Havana.

k.  Ileana Ros’ most egregious violation in the eyes of the Cuban people is that in 1999 Ileana Ros and some of her cronies in South Florida attempted to steal Elian Gonzales from his father, having held him hostage in Miami for months.

l.  For many years Ileana Ros has fought to keep postal service from being reestablished between the US and Cuba. To think that in this day and age (when internet is limited in Cuba) the 11 million people in Cuba that Ileana Ros hates cannot mail a letter or card to family in the US or vice versa because of Ileana Ros.

m.  For Cuban-American families in the US who want to ship packages to family in Cuba, there is but one shipping company in Miami with outrageous rates. It would be my guess it is operated by cronies of Ileana Ros.

n.  In 2012, a new shipping company came online in Miami for shipping to family in Cuba. It advertised rates 40% lower than the other company’s rates. Did Ileana Ros celebrate this new service that would make it easier for her Cuban American constituents to support their families in Cuba with clothing, household goods, etc.? Of course not, she demanded an OFAC investigation to ensure the new company was in compliance with all laws, rules, and requirements in order to thwart deliveries to the 11 million people in Cuba that Ileana Ros hates.

o.  Ileana Ros has fought tooth and nail to stop People-to-People travel programs. In fact if Ileana Ros had her way she would ban all travel, including family travel. Ileana Ros realizes that these visits establish warmth between the Cuban people and Americans, and that in subtle ways these trips help the Cuban people financially.

p. Ileana Ros also fought tooth and nail when the Obama Administration modified the Bush limit of one family visit home to Cuba every three years. Now family visits are unlimited and that angers Ileana Ros because it allows Cuban American families to offer financial and other support to the 11 million people in Cuba that Ileana Ros hates.

q.  Ileana Ros was, along with the Diaz Balart brothers sponsors of the Helms Burton law which set all kind of restriction and penalties with companies not just in the US but throughout the world, thereby giving her another back door way to squeeze and harm the 11 million people of Cuba that Ileana Ros hates.

r.  Ileana Ros is a shill for the billionaire Bacardi Family and part of the Helms Burton law requires that Cuba give thousands of acres of land to the Bacardi family before relations can be normalized between the US and Cuba.

s.  Ileana Ros is pushing a ludicrous, idiotic manifesto by a group called La Rosa Blanca which would require that Cuban-Americans be allowed to return to Cuba and lay claim to a house, then force the Cuban family living there to rent to own for years and years. This would be devastating to the 11 million people in Cuba that Ileana Ros hates.

t.  Ileana Ros drove the mass hysteria in South Florida during the trial of the Cuban Five which struck fear in the Court, the jury, and the community and led to 35 verdicts being entered in two and a half hours after a 7 month trial.

u. Ileana Ros fought attempts by the Obama Administration to remove the Bush limits on family remittance by Cuban Americans of cash to families on the island. Ileana Ros also fought the effort to allow anyone, not just family members to send cash to Cubans. Both initiatives were implemented and many Cuban families with no family in the US have been able to connect with American families and receive some financial support.

v.  Ileana Ros has fought efforts to allow other vendors to process remittances to Cuba. The only approved vendor is Western Union which charges US residents 10% to send money to Cuba. The Cuban government takes no fee at all except for a 3% exchange rate. There are vendors through which people can send up to $3000 to Guatemala and other Central American countries for $4, a transaction that would cost $300 via W/U to Cuba.

w.  Ileana Ros successfully got a ban on the sale of powdered milk from the US to Cuba. Consequently Cuba has had to locate other sources and the price in Cuban stores has increased. When the price was raised, Ileana Ros’ minion Mauricio Claver Carone gloated about it on his Capitol Hill Cubans blog. Not only was this financially devastating to the 11 million people in Cuba that Ileana Ros hates, but it is costing the US Dairy industry tens of thousands per year in lost revenues.

x.  Ileana Ros and her terrorist allies fight tooth and nail to keep Cuba on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. This places limitations on travel to the US by the 11 million people in Cuba that Ileana Ros hates.

y.  As though we are living in Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy Ileana Ros and her cabal fight to maintain a 25 mile travel limit on Cuban diplomats in the US. So Cuba reciprocates. This restricts US Embassy personnel in Cuba to the immediate Havana area. While a Cuban diplomat in the US can learn a great deal watching Cable TV News in his embassy, diplomats in Cuba are hamstrung. This greatly inhibits their ability to travel the country and interact with the 11 million people in Cuba that Ileana Ros hates.

z.  Young adults from countries in the Caribbean, Ireland, and Eastern Europe travel to the US on nine month Hospitality or Agricultural visas. I’ve befriended several Serbians working in the hospitality industry on the East Coast.  For years, Irish hospitality workers have come to Boston under a program originally implemented by U.S. Rep. Tip O’Neill. Ileana Ros opposes any such program for the people she hates the most, the 11 million people in Cuba that Ileana Ros hates who might improve their lives by waiting tables in Florida for nine months or working in orange groves. A list of all the things that Ileana Ros Lehtinen has done to contribute to improving the quality of life in Cuba? –

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