M.Claver-Carone; the Man-Boy Who Cries Wolf

If it’s Monday, there is going to be sent an electronic ‘fish-wrapper’ detailing high crimes and misdemeanors by the Castro Government against The Ladies in White and others. This fish-wrapper comes from one of the most prolific liars in Washington, Mauricio Claver. (This is America – speak English and use one last name) The term fish-wrapper comes from back in the day when most cities had multiple newspapers and some used sensationalism and fabrications to sell their newspaper. Hence people considered in only useful for wrapping fish in the fish market.
Claver claims that 100 Ladies in White were arrested yesterday at various churches throughout the country, including 50 in Havana. The first inkling that this was a fish tale was that he did not provide a roster of those arrested. Those Cuban youth that work in his office usually fabricate names to validate every story; their record was 830 names last month that Claver claimed were people who signed a petition to keep the US Embargo in place. No such petition exists! Being the Independence Day weekend, most of the youths were probably off. You would think Claver would be smart enough to have his minions compile a list and have it at the ready.
For fifty Ladies to have been arrested in Havana there would have had to been at least fifty Ladies at Mass. The Ladies generally number 30 – 35 at Mass at St Rita, on 5th Avenue in Miramar along Embassy Row. I know; I’ve been to Mass with them six time. So I sent a text message to my friend Raul who is a Sacristan at St Rita Church and attends 10:00 am Mass every week. There were 32 Ladies in White in attendance, and NONE were arrested.
More Capitol Hill Cuban propaganda you can believe in.


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