Alan Gross’ Lot Was Cast 22 Months Before His Arrest

USAid development contractor sits in a Cuban jail which he had occupied for almost five years. The gullible class continues to perpetuate the myth that he was only in Cuba working to help 300 Jews get better access to the internet. That he was railroaded. Or as the intellectually challenged people at Capitol Hill Cubans claim, that he is a hostage.

Whatever we think of Cuba and their political system and laws, their laws are their laws. How many 16 – 21 year olds come here from Europe and complain that our drinking laws are much too draconian?

So using a lie to wedge Alan Gross into ‘victimhood’ has done him a disservice since the day he was convicted. All manner of political player has gone to Cuba asking that he be released on Humanitarian grounds. When the Cubans mention their own citizens – The Cuban Five – jailed in the US after being convicted on charges drummed up by the Miami Cartel these American envoys have gone tone deaf. In February 2008 the Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone visited Cuba to meet the new president Raul Castro. The cardinal presented a list of political prisoners the Vatican wished to be released. Here is an excerpt from the Catholic News Agency February 29, 2008 article

Raul Castro, Tarcisio Bertone

The Vatican cardinal said President Castro also brought up the issue of five Cuban prisoners in the United States and their humanitarian treatment, “with the eventual possibility of an exchange.”  He also stressed that since the embargo directly affects the inhabitants of Cuba, he “gave assurances that the Holy See would work to have these sanctions reduced, if not altogether eliminated.”

Twenty two months before Alan Gross was arrested, convicted, and offered up for exchange, the arrest was predicted by Raul Castro. Neither Gross’ synagogue nor 300 rabbis, no member of the House or Senate is going to effect the return home of Alan Gross who has said goodbye to his family and sworn to not spend one more birthday in a Cuban jail.

President Obama can bring Alan Gross home with the swipe of a pen releasing the final three of the Cuban Five. But he is intimidated by a one of the most vile and evil women in Congress, the woman who has the blood of 79 murder victims on her hands, Ileana Ros Lehtinen.

Nicknamed ‘La Cochino’ (the male swine) by everyday Cubans, she is the most hated woman in Cuba. She stands second only to her murderous bedfellow, the terrorist Luis Posada. Her father was allegedly one of the cogs in the Batista Dictatorship, the man who used to go around collecting tribute payments from Mafia-owned casinos. She hates the Castros, hates the Cuban people and does everything in her power to make their lives miserable.

When the cowards known as the ‘Brothers to the Rescue’ were shot down after violating Cuban airspace and dropping 500,000 leaflets over Havana, her jaw went into overdrive. Though she feigned sadness, to this woman those four dead Cuban exiles were collateral damage. She managed to bring forth the Helms-Burton Act.

I believe Ileana Ros Lehtinen secretly hopes that Alan Gross does die in prison or take his own life. Here and her Cuban-American cohorts in Congress would then have more fodder for their anti-Castro rants.

I wish President Obama would stand up to this evil woman and do the right thing for Alan Gross and his family. And those 300 rabbis can point out to the president that over it’s 60+ yer history, Israel has traded prisoners with it’s sworn enemies at the ratio of 64 given for every one returned to Israel.

Paul LeBon


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