Organized Crime Moves from Hotel Nacional to Coral Gables

In the 1950’s when the Mafia held sway over Batista’s Cuba, meetings of the leaders of the various organized crime families would meet in Havana at the Hotel Nacional. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

This week, members of the two Cuban-American crime families gathered their minions in Coral Gables, scene of the 2012 terrorist bombing of a Cuban-American business. The offspring of alleged Batista thugs Rafael Diaz Balart and Enrique Ros, supporters of murderers and terrorist gathered their US-Cuba Democracy PAC (and organized crime network) for lunch to hear from various GOP presidential wannabe’s who feel they have to suck up to these terrorist supporters to get elected. Cuba’s Wishful President-in-Waiting Lincoln Diaz Balart was working the room, pushing his manifesto. What a pathetic sight.

Paul LeBon


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