A Beautiful Bird in the Cuban Sky

A Moment in History

I expected my 12th Mission trip to Cuba to be memorable since I would be spending Christmas and participating in Midnight Mass with Cardinal Ortega. But I never thought I would be a witness to history.

On the night of Tuesday, December 16 I was made aware that Alan Gross would be flying home to the US the next day and that the Three Heroes would be returning home to Cuba. In the early morning of Wednesday I was by Jose Marti airport expecting/hoping to see a Gulfstream jet come in and touch down and whisk Gross away.


            Much to my surprise and the surprise of the Cuban friends I was with a Boeing 757 in US Government livery came out of the sky. What a beautiful sight to behold! It was not on the ground very long, and then made its departure using the sole runway in the direction which it had landed.

One of my friends turned to me and said, “It is beautiful.” To which I replied, “You know what is even more beautiful? The country it represents!” We drove back to Havana, collected ourselves on the Malecon and toasted the morning with Havana Club Rum. What a way for Alan Gross and his family to begin Hanukkah, and for me and my friends to be in the Christmas Season.

Paul LeBon   plcuba54@gmail.com


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