The Hapless Mauricio Claver Carone

These are difficult days for Mauricio Claver (this is America; speak English and use one last name). For years he has earned $102,000 as ‘executive director’ of Center for a Free Cuba and Capitol Hill Cubans. I’ve only encountered one person in politics (also a Batistani Cuban) who can lie like Claver.

That electronic fish wrapper he publishes every day is an absolute travesty. He sits in his lair in Miami and fabricates stories designed to impugn thebilking the government  Castro government. He falsifies claims of beatings, stabbing, assault, arrests, and claims the data come from individuals and groups in Havana who are paid a monthly stipend by the Miami Cartel.

In earlier days he had few people checking his facts. But now that the media’s attention is focused on US-Cuba relations his ‘facts’ are being decimated daily. I had a personal opportunity to see just how much of a fraud he is. In July I was on my 11th Mission trip and I attended Mass with the Ladies in White, the only American ever to do so. This was my 8th time with them. The Mass ended, the Ladies had their peaceful procession to the park, and then eventually headed home with no trouble. But the next day Claver wrote that over 70 women had been beaten and arrested. His evidence that he published: a photo of two women strolling leisurely on a street.

Hopefully the new air of détente between the US and Cuba will put an end to the lies that ‘Miami Mauricio’ (distant cousin of Baghdad Bob. His predecessor Felipe Sixto went to jail for scamming the US taxpayers out of $600,000. Their boss Frank Calzon pulled a similar scam, biking the government of $600,000 for a non-existent purchase of Chinese Radios. But he apparently fell outside the statute of limitations.

 Interesting that the Miami Cartel terror syndicate has their own public mouthpiece, albeit a hapless one.

Paul LeBon


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