Feeble-minded see Failure in Havana

An historic event took place in Havana, Cuba January 21 and 22. A US diplomatic team headed by Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Roberta Jacobson met with a Cuban diplomatic team headed by Josefina Vidal of Cuba’s MINREX. The purpose of these meetings was to begin discussions on normalizing relations between the US and Cuba.

The key word is ‘begin’. These two countries have been at odds and estranged from one another since 1959. The US through the CIA has been behind 638 attempts to assassinate Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro. For the past fifteen years, the USAid has aggressively pursued methods of overthrowing the Cuban government by financing various NGOs to the tune of up to $20 million per year.

There were no earth-shattering decisions to come out of these meetings. The sides laid the groundwork for talks to continue. As a professional who has facilitated negotiation skills training and actual negotiations over the past 25 years, this is the outcome I would have expected.

Anyone who follows world events knows that negotiations involving hostile parties are never settled in one session! The Camp David Peace Accord and the Dayton Agreement which both ended hostilities between warring countries were negotiated over a period of time. How long have the current negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program been going on?

Closer to home time and again we have seen negotiations take place between management and labor, most prominently in the airline industry. These negotiations can run on for months, even more than a year. So to expect instantaneous results in Havana is totally ludicrous.

Yet the feeble-minded usual suspects in Miami who oppose any engagement with Havana  have been ripping non-stop at the diplomatic teams. How asinine to expect Cuba’s delegation to have lain down and accepted all the demands set forth by the US.  Of course the Cuban leaders are going to talk with bluster. Deny that they will ever agree to any of the US’ conditions.

The Miami Cartel, directly and through their intellectually impotent  mouthpiece Miami Mauricio have been cheering the lack of immediate progress and amplifying comments by Josefina Vidal and Raul Castro. Ironic, in their minds everything these two ever say is an outright lie. But any comments they have made regarding the future of US-Cuba relations is gospel truth! The fact that Raul Castro has now put forth new demands is a ploy seen in any negotiation. Regrettably the Cartel has its newest stooge in the mix, Jose Diaz Balart of MSNBC’s The Rundown – son of the most vile member of the Batista Regime, Rafael Diaz Balart alleged mastermind of 20,000 political murders and alleged perpetrator of rapes of 74 school girls. Hence Miami Mauricio now has a new vehicle for his trash, – he’s been on virtually every week so get ready to listen to his Latino lisp more often.


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