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Noriega and Calzon: Scraping the bottom of the barrel

The daily electronic fish wrapper ‘Capitol Hill Cubans’ has gotten so desperate in seeking to undermine the budding relationship between the US and Cuba that they literally have scraped the bottom of the barrel in pulling in featuring two dregs of the Earth in their latest trash heap.

Roger Noriega, a former US diplomat who came to the defense of terrorist/murderer Jose Posada Carilles and claimed that most of the allegations against Posada were fabricated. The FBI had named Posada the most dangerous terrorist in the Western Hemisphere. Makes one wonder if Noriega had any connection to Panamanian Strongman Manuel Noriega and his drug trafficking operation. He would fit right in with the criminals at CHC.

The other low rent Cuban trash that CHC and the Miami Herald gave exposure to is Frank Calzon, of the center for a free Cuba. This is an organized crime shop if ever there was one, in  my opinion. Their former executive director Felipe Sixto went to federal prison for stealing $600,000 of taxpayer money by setting up sphony shipments of Chinese radios to Cuba.

Coincidentally, this sleaze character Calzon claimed to have previously also sent $600,000 worth of Chinese radios to Cuba. In a debate when he ran (and thankfully lost) for Congress he claimed that he could not send then money to Cuba to let the people buy their own radios because radios are illegal in Cuba. But yet he managed to sneak 30,000 of them in under Fidel’s nose? What a first class low life liar. In my 12 mission trips and visits to 84 parishes in Cuba I have asked for a show of hands of anyone who received one of Calzon’s radios. I’ve even offered a reward for one. Never have I had any response.And radios are NOT illegal in Cuba. Every family owns one to listen to baseball games if their electric and TV go out. Nice try Frank.

Where did Sixto learn his scam, since he reputedly isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the circuit? No doubt from his mentor and (crime) boss, Frank Calzon.

These are the dregs being used to rally opposition to the renewed Cuban-US talks; may the whole world see how low the bar has been set. God help the 11 Million people of Cuba.