Ted Cruz sets new low by plagiarizing Scent of a Woman in his book

Senator Ted Cruz, 1/2 of the duo of Rafael y Rafael the legendary liars of  Cuban-Canadian-American heritage has outdone himself in the lie department in his new book ironically titled A Time for Truth.  On page 46 he starts to tell a riveting story about a vandalism incident, an interrogation by the school headmaster, his refusal to rat out his three amigos, and the support of the pillar of honesty, his father Rafael. Did Rafael say, ‘where’s the booze, its flowing like mud around here.’ Did he repeatedly say ‘HoAh!’ Did he say to the headmaster about Rafael II, ‘but he’s not a snitch!’

No Rafael did not, but Al Pacino did in the movie Scent of a Woman which Cruz plagiarized. What a tool.


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