Ted Cruz rewrites history of a Cuban Hero

In his recently released book, comically named A Time for Truth Ted Cruz stays true to form in twisting the truth , especially with respect to his father Rafael’s make believe heroics in the Cuban Revolution.Though the elder Cruz has never mentioned it in any You Tube video Ted Cruz claims that his father left his home and the revolutionary cell he had organized in Matanzas and traveled 830 kilometers to Santiago at the Eastern end of the country.

Ted claims his father enrolled at the University of Santiago in September, 1956. This was fortuitous because at that point Castro hadn’t yet decided in he was going to land at Pinar del Rio, Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs), or Santiago, Ted Cruz further states that his father reported to Frank Pais and then was part of the support team for Castro when he arrived from Mexico on December 2.

My contacts in Cuba including an octogenarian who fought with Castro and his rebels say this scenario is highly unlikely. “Why would he have enrolled at University of Santiago? If the story were accurate it would have made more sense to enroll at the University of Oriente which was Pais’ school and base of operations.” My Cuban friend Ernesto says it is highly unlikely that Pais and his team would have taken in a boy who just arrived from 830 kilometers away.  he could have been a spy sent by Interior Minister Rafael Diaz Balart.

But Ted Cruz goes over the top when he claims that many of the student members of 26th of July Movement who were there to support Castro’s return were killed, including their leader Frank Pais.

Fank Pais did not die in battle on December 2, 1956. He escaped and was eventually arrested and tried for the Santiago incident but was acquitted and released. He went into hiding but he was the target of Interior Minister  Rafael Diaz Balart. Diaz Balart’s police searched high and low but could not locate him.

On June 30, 1957 Frank’s younger brother Josue Pais was murdered by the Santiago police. They had hoped to flush Frank out to attend his funeral but Frank did not bite. A systematic search of the city was implemented and on July 30 the police found Frank hiding out with a friend. He was dragged into the street, tortured by police then the chief of police shot him i the head and killed him. The next day 60,000 people attended his funeral, forcing the city to be shut down. This was eight months after Ted Cruz claims he was killed in his book, A Time for Truth.

Today Frank Pais is a hero in Cuba. Many schools and public facilities and hospitals bear his name. The international airport in Holguin, Cuba is named after him. School children learn of his heroics. And what happened to the cowardly pathological liar Rafael Cruz during the incident in Santiago? Was he one the many courageous students and young revolutionaries who were killed? No; he was probably cowering behind a building somewhere, if the lying con man were even in the city.

Ted claims that Rafael and his friends were leaving the city by car and were stopped and taken prisoner by the military. The soldiers were driving them to the Moncada  Barracks, shouting ‘firing squad, firing squad.’ But miraculously, God had other plans for Rafael Cruz, eventually fathering ‘the chosen one’ after abandoning a wife and two daughters, so he was released and set free by the hand of God. God would allegedly intervene again six months later when Rafael claims he was tortured and threatened with death back in his hometown 830 kilometers away.

As for the firing squads my friend in Cuba tells me that was not the case. Diaz Balart’s personal assassins the Masferrer Brothers, the police, and soldiers simply lined captives up and walked down the line shooting them in the head. (Similar to the current ISIS beheading method) This was efficient; firing squads took too long.

(To track all of Rafael Cruz’s lies about his life, purchase Liar Liar Cruz on Fire available Amazon.com July 15)

Photos: Frank Pais, his funeral attended by 60,000 people

Paisprofile  paisfuneral


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