Mauricio Claver Carone’s Barrel Just Got Deeper

What does vermin do when they’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel? Get a deeper barrel! Just when I thought the lying, lisping, cretin Mauricio Claver Carone, lapdog of the $600,000 radio rip-off man Frank Calzon and ‘La Cochino’ Ileana Ros Lehtinen couldn’t possibly make more amoral pronouncements he has. In today’s version of his electronic fish-wrapper “Capitol Hill Cubans” he makes one of the most outrageous claims ever by anyone in political discourse. He likens the Cuban and Jewish Diaspora as equal. Of course he incorrectly spells it ‘diapora’ in his headline.

This is how this low rent bottom feeder starts his words of wisdom:

The Cuban and Jewish diaspora share much in common.
Not least of which is the wonderful ethnic and religious hybrid, endearingly referred to as Jewbans.
But most importantly, our diasporas share an unwavering devotion to freedom, democracy and to the moral resolve of — “Never Again.”
This commitment stems from the atrocities and exiles that our people have — unfortunately — had to endure.

‘The atrocities and exiles that our people have – unfortunately – had to endure.”

Claver-Carone equates boarding a rickety craft to float across the Straits of Florida to boarding a train in  Warsaw to be shipped to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Claver Carone equates being given housing that was abandoned by the Batistani Cubans who left their property to relocate to the US to being crammed into freezing and stifling barracks with several hundred others.

Claver Carone equates having running water and flush toilets to having to draw water from large tubs and sit on a wooden rail to go to the bathroom in a dirt pit.

Claver Carone equates being able to wash your laundry in a scrub sink to wearing the same cloth sack for weeks on end.

Claver Carone  equates standing in line with a ration card to obtain food in Cuba to standing in line waiting to enter a gas chamber at Treblinka

How ironic that alongside Claver Carone’s insult to the Jewish people is a picture of the woman who controls him as her lap dog – Congresswoman Ileana Ros Lehtinen. I am sure Claver Carone exalts her as the ultimate ‘Jewban’ Princess. But let’s examine why this woman is the most hated person in Cuba and known as La Cochino:

– She protected terrorist Orlando Bosch from extradition to face trial for blowing up Cubana flt 455 and killing 78 people. While his petition was pending she held an Orlando Bosch appreciation day and among the decorations was a kiddie pool with a broken model airplane and 78 small dolls floating in it.

– she has spent years also protecting another terrorist Luis Posada from being extradited for prosecution. When he was convicted of trying to bomb an auditorium at the University of Panama and jailed, she tried to leverage the power of the US Congress to get Panama to release him

– she led the effort to steal Elian Gonzalez from his father

– For decades she exalted Rafael Diaz Balart, former Batista Interior Minister who is allegedly responsible for the murder of several thousand political prisoners and for the alleged rape of 74 school girls and who looted the country when he fled like a coward in December 1958.


Jew-ban? Ileana Ros Lehtinen sounds closer to Nazi-ban.


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