Historic Book Prepped for Sale in Cuba


Liar Liar Cruz on Fire is a book based on 18 months of painstaking research in Cuba, the US, and Canada, that included interviews with veteran fighters of the Cuban Revolution, and review of Revolution records which I was granted access to in Cuba.

This research proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the claims by Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of US Senator Ted Cruz of being a fighter in the Cuban Revolution at age 14, being arrested and tortured at age 18, andescaping the country via a 4 year student visa issued by the US Government are all outrageous lies. The book disproves a total of 76 lies told repeatedly about the family ‘history’ by both Rafael and Ted Cruz. The book is accompanied by You Tube video clips of the two Cruz men speaking every one of the 76 lies, in multiple venues.

But that is not why the book is historic. The book is historic because it is the first book every printed in the US that has a price bar code with prices for US, Canada, and Cuba. The price in Cuban currency – 1 CUC is approximately $1.03 US.




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