Paulo, where have you been?

Some are wondering if I died, faded away, or got kidnapped by Cuban-American hardliners from Miami. The answer is None of the Above. The fact is I have been extremely busy working on a book about Senator Ted Cruz and his father, Pastor Rafael Cruz, erstwhile Hero of the Cuban Revolution and Proud American. The working title of the book is ‘The Liar Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree’.

I expect the book to be completed and in print by June 15. Stay tuned. But I am going to get back to commenting here.

Paul LeBon


Noriega and Calzon: Scraping the bottom of the barrel

The daily electronic fish wrapper ‘Capitol Hill Cubans’ has gotten so desperate in seeking to undermine the budding relationship between the US and Cuba that they literally have scraped the bottom of the barrel in pulling in featuring two dregs of the Earth in their latest trash heap.

Roger Noriega, a former US diplomat who came to the defense of terrorist/murderer Jose Posada Carilles and claimed that most of the allegations against Posada were fabricated. The FBI had named Posada the most dangerous terrorist in the Western Hemisphere. Makes one wonder if Noriega had any connection to Panamanian Strongman Manuel Noriega and his drug trafficking operation. He would fit right in with the criminals at CHC.

The other low rent Cuban trash that CHC and the Miami Herald gave exposure to is Frank Calzon, of the center for a free Cuba. This is an organized crime shop if ever there was one, in  my opinion. Their former executive director Felipe Sixto went to federal prison for stealing $600,000 of taxpayer money by setting up sphony shipments of Chinese radios to Cuba.

Coincidentally, this sleaze character Calzon claimed to have previously also sent $600,000 worth of Chinese radios to Cuba. In a debate when he ran (and thankfully lost) for Congress he claimed that he could not send then money to Cuba to let the people buy their own radios because radios are illegal in Cuba. But yet he managed to sneak 30,000 of them in under Fidel’s nose? What a first class low life liar. In my 12 mission trips and visits to 84 parishes in Cuba I have asked for a show of hands of anyone who received one of Calzon’s radios. I’ve even offered a reward for one. Never have I had any response.And radios are NOT illegal in Cuba. Every family owns one to listen to baseball games if their electric and TV go out. Nice try Frank.

Where did Sixto learn his scam, since he reputedly isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the circuit? No doubt from his mentor and (crime) boss, Frank Calzon.

These are the dregs being used to rally opposition to the renewed Cuban-US talks; may the whole world see how low the bar has been set. God help the 11 Million people of Cuba.

Feeble-minded see Failure in Havana

An historic event took place in Havana, Cuba January 21 and 22. A US diplomatic team headed by Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Roberta Jacobson met with a Cuban diplomatic team headed by Josefina Vidal of Cuba’s MINREX. The purpose of these meetings was to begin discussions on normalizing relations between the US and Cuba.

The key word is ‘begin’. These two countries have been at odds and estranged from one another since 1959. The US through the CIA has been behind 638 attempts to assassinate Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro. For the past fifteen years, the USAid has aggressively pursued methods of overthrowing the Cuban government by financing various NGOs to the tune of up to $20 million per year.

There were no earth-shattering decisions to come out of these meetings. The sides laid the groundwork for talks to continue. As a professional who has facilitated negotiation skills training and actual negotiations over the past 25 years, this is the outcome I would have expected.

Anyone who follows world events knows that negotiations involving hostile parties are never settled in one session! The Camp David Peace Accord and the Dayton Agreement which both ended hostilities between warring countries were negotiated over a period of time. How long have the current negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program been going on?

Closer to home time and again we have seen negotiations take place between management and labor, most prominently in the airline industry. These negotiations can run on for months, even more than a year. So to expect instantaneous results in Havana is totally ludicrous.

Yet the feeble-minded usual suspects in Miami who oppose any engagement with Havana  have been ripping non-stop at the diplomatic teams. How asinine to expect Cuba’s delegation to have lain down and accepted all the demands set forth by the US.  Of course the Cuban leaders are going to talk with bluster. Deny that they will ever agree to any of the US’ conditions.

The Miami Cartel, directly and through their intellectually impotent  mouthpiece Miami Mauricio have been cheering the lack of immediate progress and amplifying comments by Josefina Vidal and Raul Castro. Ironic, in their minds everything these two ever say is an outright lie. But any comments they have made regarding the future of US-Cuba relations is gospel truth! The fact that Raul Castro has now put forth new demands is a ploy seen in any negotiation. Regrettably the Cartel has its newest stooge in the mix, Jose Diaz Balart of MSNBC’s The Rundown – son of the most vile member of the Batista Regime, Rafael Diaz Balart alleged mastermind of 20,000 political murders and alleged perpetrator of rapes of 74 school girls. Hence Miami Mauricio now has a new vehicle for his trash, – he’s been on virtually every week so get ready to listen to his Latino lisp more often.

Mauricio Claver Carone – Fidel Castro’s ‘ASSassin’

On Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show last night with Larry Wilmore, there was a panel that included John Leguzamo, Soledad O’Brien, and the hapless Mauricio Claver Carone spokesperson for Capitol Hill Cubans and the Baghdad Bob of the Cuban Crazy movement in Miami.. In a segment of the show called ‘Keep it Real’ Claver Carone was asked if he had the opportunity would he assassinate Fidel Castro. He answered with a resounding yes.


Mauricio, who are you kidding? You’d have to be a man first, hairy chest notwithstanding.

Cuba Wins Big in SOTU

Cuba was the winner on several fronts in tonight’s State of the Union address by President Barack Obama. And I am glad I watched it on NBC because I was pleasantly surprised seeing things people did not see on other networks with regards to reaction and chamber shots.

The first surprise came before the president entered the House Chamber. There was Senator Sheldon Whitehouse D-RI who was just in Cuba this weekend as part of Senator Patrick Leahy’s delegation. He was standing talking with Senator Bob Menendez D-NJ, an anti-Castro hardliner. When they showed them during the speech, seated to Menendez’ left was Senator Elizabeth Warren D-MA, replacement and protégé of Secretary John Kerry.

And approximately 40 minutes into the speech President Obama touched on the subject of Cuba. When he mentioned that the embargo was a 50 year failure and we needed a new approach, applause broke out in the chamber. One of the first people the camera focused on was Senator Marco Rubio sulking in his seat with a pouty look on his face looking like a ‘Marcolito’ – a little boy Marco.

During the applause the cameras focused in on Senator Leahy and Rep. Jim McGovern D-MA, both longtime supporters of normalizing relations with Cuba. When President Obama recognized Alan Gross and the chamber gave Alan a standing ovation, you could see Alan mouthing ‘thank you’ to the president.


But the cameras zoomed in on the person who was probably the only one still seated along with Marco, Rep. Ileana Ros Lehtinen, a Cuban-American and the most despised person in Cuba.



She had this very angry look on her face, and based on her history she was probably wishing she had her in-house assassin Luis Posada Carilles on hand to settle things. I wanted to get a few laughs so I DVRed back to see Rubio sitting and pouting. But something suddenly dawned on me.

The reason Marco looked so small is because all the men around him were standing up and he came about to their waists in his chair. Those men around him were Republicans! They were cheering the president’s words of ending the embargo that has accomplished nothing in 50 years!

We may have more supporters and allies than we think in the US Congress.

Diaz Balart’s Alleged Sexual Assault Victim granted US Visa

From the many conversations I have had with older Cubans who lived through the Batista Regime I have come to the opinion that there was no more brutal individual in the Cuban government than Rafael Diaz Balart, Deputy Interior Minister in the brutal Batista Regime.

Diaz Balart along with his favorite assassination squad the Masferrer Brothers are alleged to have assassinated 20,000 political opponents of Batista. As a leader of the Interior Ministry Diaz Balart had control over the military, the secret police, and the national police. Virtually every firearm in the country was under his control.
300px-BatistaFireSquad - Copy (2)           images (2) - Copy

Diaz Balart also had a ‘responsibility’ to the US Mafia, owners of casinos and brothels to have his goons pick school girls off the street to be forced to work as prostitutes in the Mafia brothels. I have been told that girls were plucked off the streets on Wednesday so they could be prepped and ready to service US tourists who would come in on Thursday for a weekend of gambling and sex. The girls would be held about six months and then put back out on the street as ‘replacements’ were recruited.

I had the somber occasion to meet one of the girls – now in her 70’s – after a Rosary one night in a Havana Parish Church. One of her grandchildren and their spouse had attended several Rosaries and convince her to come along and meet me. She told me a story that was both frightening and revolting. I have seen her two times since that original meeting and she has repeated her story, never wavering.

‘Rose’ says that at that time Wednesdays were referred to as Black Wednesday because that was the day that the MININT goons would come looking for girls to grab off the street. On Wednesday most parents would walk their daughters to and from school. B                                                        ut on one particular Wednesday neither of her parents was available and she was walking home from school alone. She had come part way with a friend and the friend’s mother but they had dropped off at their house.

As she walked alone a car pulled up at the curb and a man got out; he told he she would have to go with him. She says she started to cry but the man hushed her and told her she was going to a new place to live where she would have nice clothes to wear. When they got her to the location she was terrified. She thought that telling them she was a virgin, that she had no idea about sex would get her released. She learned quite the opposite.

She was put in a room that had only a bed and a night table. The room had no windows which she found odd.  After a while a man came into the room who she would later learn was Rafael Diaz Balart.

Rose alleges that Diaz Balart sexually assaulted her in every way possible. “His breath smelled of alcohol and cigars. I can still smell that vile man to this day and I hate him for what he did to me and to other girls I met.”

Rose claims that she spent five and a half months working at a brothel in Centro Habana. She was let go the day before her 17th birthday, she told me. When she returned home, her parents wept with joy. They took her to the playa where she spent hours in the salt water cleansing herself. Several years later when Fidel Castro seized control of Cuba she hoped that her long nightmare was over. When he ordered the casinos and brothels destroyed, she felt she had been born again.

In the second half of 2014, ‘Rose’ was granted a visa to come to the United States as a tourist. She is planning on doing that with family membmurder, tortureers and to visit acquaintances. But she also wants to tell her story. Like all Cubans who were tormented or abused by Batista and his thugs, she kept tabs on Rafael Diaz Balart. “I celebrated when I learned he had died; I believe he is burning with the devil, something he definitely earned.”

Rose wants the opportunity to tell her story to the media and possibly even members of Congress. She knows that his two sons have served in the US Congress and believes that they are as amoral and immoral as he was. She also would like to visit Florida International University where a building is named after her alleged rapist.

As for Rafael Diaz Balart, the man wasn’t just sleazy he was slippery. He fled Cuba with his family on December 20, 1958, just eleven days before the country fell to Castro. In testimony rife with perjury before a US Senate Committee in 1960 Diaz Balart claimed he got called to Paris on urgent business, 5 days before Christmas! Unfortunately the senators asked what his business was. I find it hard to believe that a Spanish speaking Cuban government minister who oversaw rape, assassination and torture would have business in Paris.

It is my theory that he like many of the top people in the Batista Regime had money that had been stolen from the Cuban people, hidden away in a Swiss Bank account. After all Zurich was only a five hour train ride from Paris. I suspect that Rafael Diaz Balart looted millions from the Cuban people.

Paul LeBon

The Hapless Mauricio Claver Carone

These are difficult days for Mauricio Claver (this is America; speak English and use one last name). For years he has earned $102,000 as ‘executive director’ of Center for a Free Cuba and Capitol Hill Cubans. I’ve only encountered one person in politics (also a Batistani Cuban) who can lie like Claver.

That electronic fish wrapper he publishes every day is an absolute travesty. He sits in his lair in Miami and fabricates stories designed to impugn thebilking the government  Castro government. He falsifies claims of beatings, stabbing, assault, arrests, and claims the data come from individuals and groups in Havana who are paid a monthly stipend by the Miami Cartel.

In earlier days he had few people checking his facts. But now that the media’s attention is focused on US-Cuba relations his ‘facts’ are being decimated daily. I had a personal opportunity to see just how much of a fraud he is. In July I was on my 11th Mission trip and I attended Mass with the Ladies in White, the only American ever to do so. This was my 8th time with them. The Mass ended, the Ladies had their peaceful procession to the park, and then eventually headed home with no trouble. But the next day Claver wrote that over 70 women had been beaten and arrested. His evidence that he published: a photo of two women strolling leisurely on a street.

Hopefully the new air of détente between the US and Cuba will put an end to the lies that ‘Miami Mauricio’ (distant cousin of Baghdad Bob. His predecessor Felipe Sixto went to jail for scamming the US taxpayers out of $600,000. Their boss Frank Calzon pulled a similar scam, biking the government of $600,000 for a non-existent purchase of Chinese Radios. But he apparently fell outside the statute of limitations.

 Interesting that the Miami Cartel terror syndicate has their own public mouthpiece, albeit a hapless one.

Paul LeBon